Teodora Zamfirescu Chimney
The Neighbour (1997)
room installation, approx. 2 x 2 x 1 m

On the wall there is nothing but a little keyhole. When passing by a motion detector turns on light and sound. Through the keyhole we see the interior of a flat, obnoxious and sick, peachy-pink walls. It is the entrance to a room, the door half open. We hear somebody playing piano, a Mozart sonata.

male voice monologue: " [...]Oh yeah, we are doing really well here, we’ve been here a couple of years now and the children have become friends. My wife always buys things in this Chinese corner shop, and, to tell you the truth, she’s never had any problems [...also praises art and virtuosity of the educated piano-playing neighbour. piano music intensifies, sonata forte..] but she never gives the right change back, this dumb Chinese head! I don’t know how the hell they think to run a corner store, when they don't even know how to give the right change back, the idiots! They should just stay on their ass in their own country [...piano-playing neighbour bothers him...]"

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